Company evolution 

Founded in 1964 by Pierluigi Moretti, since the very beginning the Company has decided to focus on quality and specialization, not addressed to mass production but – rather – to small series or prototypes requiring specific care in development and manufacturing. 

Thanks to these strong points, the company has the drive to grow and improve without ever abandoning the footprint of its founder.

The specialization in the gear cutting operations, tooth grinding and any other kind of couplings have led the company to become – since the late nineteen eighties – amongst the most successful ones in the transmission organ industry.

High technology, manufacturing quality and effective support to the client, in both design and management have allowed Moretti becoming a direct supplier of parts for the major brands of Italian mechanics operating in the most widely diversified sectors: from machine tool to aeronautics, from automotive to military defense.

Between the late nineteen eighties and the early nineteen nineties, it obviously appeared that our clients – increasingly demanding and in competition in a globalized market – were no longer looking for suppliers specialized in only one manufacturing, but – rather – for an actual partner that could autonomously manage the development of the requested parts without overlooking quality and efficiency.

In order to meet such requirements, Moretti Srl has moved another step forward, enhancing its company structure in two different directions, i.e. creating – within the company – an actual engineering division aimed at designing and drafting the work cycles and – within it – the “Gear-Research” division (specialized in the design and optimization of the gears), 2000; and developing in-house the lathe milling, milling and cylindrical grinding workshops, in order to have direct controlon the manufacturing activities.

In 2004, the company was certified ISO 9001 by certification body TUV, one of the most prestigious institutions in the sector.

Quality, which has always been a priority in our company, is nowadays taken into consideration at a 360°perspective: from design, which is made in 2D as well as in 3D CAD / CAM and FEM, to manufacturing and management. In the last few years in particular, because of the need to develop aeronautic parts of great complexity, significant investments have been made in the 4 and 5-axis milling, 3-axis lathe milling and 3D control.

Today, Moretti Srl can supply its clients with parts or complete assemblies internally manufactured and/or developed. All the design and manufacturing stages are planned, validated and certified in compliance with accurate internal procedures.

IIn particular, significant acknowledgements have been awarded by the Politecnico di Torinofor the very good results achieved in the multiannual cooperation in the development of projects supported by the European Community.

The consistent good level of growth ensures the company the means to invest in technology and efficiency, which produce consistent quality improvement and increased competitiveness; aspects that our clients have always appreciated and which we hope our new oneswill appreciate as well.