Worm - screw gear units - Helical worm-gears

Especially used by the manufacturers of turntables, of which they constitute the very core, this type of transmission organ allows transferring power with great gear and orthogonal motion transmission ratios while keeping optimum accuracy performances.

Moretti Srl can design and develop worm screw-helical worm gear couplings with screw profile type ZA, ZN, ZK, ZI in compliance with the DIN 3975 standards.

For those customers that need to recover the clearance in the coupling, the company can develop and manufacture adjustable clearance screw-gear units (therefore, also with zero clearance) by using variable pitch units of the Duplex type, which allow recovering the clearance on the worm gear by displacing the screw axially, or by developing two adjustable semi-screws.

IThe screw profile is particularly treated in order to generate a fluid canal which allows for the optimum lubrication of the contacts. Special super-finishing processes of the screw allow for further improvements of the contact and for a significant improvement of its life span.