Progettazione, Produzione e Qualità

Qualified ISO 9001 since 2004, the whole process cycle of Moretti Srl is consistentlymonitored in order to minimize any risk of non-conformity.

The technical requirements of the client, the objectives to be achieved in development and feasibility are attentively assessed as from the very first stages of design and quotation.

The Gear-Research division, established within Moretti Srl’s engineering division, is devoted to the design and optimization of gear transmissions.

Such division is not intended to replace the engineering division as a whole, but to provide it with valid specialized support which will allow – once the general project is defined –optimizing the transmission as related to its essential aspects, namely load capacity, duration and noise level.

Such division can verify the safety level to be assured in compliance with the main ISO – DIN – AGMA standards, thus assuring the clients on the reliability of the choices made.

Furthermore, the Gear-Research division has been entrusted the task of performing the most complex development studies and has proven several times to be a valid support for theengineering divisions of our clients too.

Special acknowledgements have been awarded by the Aerospace Engineering Departmentof Politecnico di Torino for the very good results achieved in the multiannual cooperation in the development of projects supported by the European Community.

Special attention is paid to the selection of the materials also – if required – through direct analyses throughout the process, in order to minimize the risk of hidden faults.

Once in production, a detailed technologically optimized manufacturing cycle is developed on every part.

The engineering division generates and verifies the NC programs to be used in the lathe milling, milling, gearcutting and grinding workshops. Sophisticated calculation tools allow for the creation of tool paths for machining up to 5 axes in continuous.

A checking stage follows every processing one. Whenever required this can be made on the first part of the lot for the whole manufacturing cycle, before proceeding with the processing of the rest (FAI and DVI).

At the end of the operations, the whole lot is taken to the air conditioned metrology room and the tolerances are checked at 100% on every part.

As related to the outsourced heat treatments, Moretti Srl exclusively resorts to certifiedsub-contractors, which are requested to release a declaration of conformity for every treated lot. In every case, a test piece can be enclosed to the lot for laboratory tests aimed at verifying that the heat treatment was performed as appropriate.

Integrated management software, which is updated in real time, allows the management offices of Moretti Srl following up and planning at the best all the operations, from the inquiry down to the delivery.

As a result of the final checks, the company can release – should the client require it – a declaration of conformity and testing certificates, also serialized for every part.

The, every lot is protected by anti-corrosion liquids, packaged and stored before retrieval or shipment.


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