Hirth Couplings

The Hirth front teeth – because of its special features of accuracy and resistance – are successfully used in many sectors of mechanics: Machine Tools, Turntables, Transfer units, Turbo-chargers, Robotics, Nuclear, Shipbuilding, etc.

The Hirth couplings allow obtaining very high levels of accuracy as related to division and repeatability, high rigidity of the system thanks to the strongly self-centering geometry of the teeth, higher transmission torques of the torsional moment than with any other couplingsystem and high resistance to wear, thanks to a wide support surface of the teeth.

Moretti Srl, specialized in the manufacturing of transmission shafts for over 60 years, develops a complete series of normalized Hirth rings, with diameters starting from Ø 50 mm up to Ø 1000 mm. In steel with induction hardening of the teeth.

If required – and provided it is specified in the order – the phasing and piercing of these rings can be varied as related to the teeth (the standard version includes the phasing of one attachment hole corresponding to a tooth housing) as well as the S release dimension with no cost increase.

The company can develop special parts on client’s design either as a whole supply or the sole teethof single, double and triple rings with external diameter up to 1000 mm, height up to 600 mm and shafts with diameter up to 450 mm and length up to 1000 mm.

Variations in the tooth geometry are viable without limitations as related to the pressure angle as well as to the cone angle.

Our engineering division can support the customer from the first stages of design cooperating in optimizing the teeth and in all the other technological choices in order to obtain the best performance.

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